Things are getting harder

30 Sep

It is now more than a month since I broke up with Brian. And it is almost a month since I have had a black up my holes.

I had expected to get another black cock with in a week or two of ditching Brian but unfortunately, the plan isn’t working out. Sometimes it’s my job, sometimes my choices that has been preventing me from meeting gorgeous black men. And the fact that we have decided to do it away from home has obviously made things a bit tougher for me.

But my body craves what it craves and knowing that I currently do not have a black cock to fuck is making me sad. And everytime I have to suck my husband tiny white cock makes me sadder. Everytime I sit there by myself, I can feel Brian cock stretching out my holes, his rough hands slapping my ass, my boobs swaying to the rhythm of his ass fuck. I particularly miss the deep throats, the spraying of his gooey hot cum.

I have quite a few things to get back the feeling. I wear his favorite black collar, his anal beads but its really not the same. There is really no substitute for a real black cock. Dildos work only for the first couple of times and then gets boring. Interracial porn don’t work for me anymore.

It was really getting so bad, that after a night of masturbation, I finally called up Brian and left a message, begging him to fuck me for the last time, anywhere, anyway and anytime he chooses. He hasn’t replied yet but I hope he does.

A new black cock

22 Sep

Since Brian and I parted ways, I haven’t had a black cock. It was a nice break and indulged myself in other fun things, nice clean things. I finally cleaned out our wardrobe, sorted out my eBook library. Nice things to keep you busy, not that I missed Brian. Everything has its uses, alas Brian lasted too short. I am not one to spend too much time introspecting the past. And I have happily moved on. I was pretty sure there were just as good if not better black cocks to ride.

It has been almost three weeks since I left Brian. In the meantime, I have been taking care of my husband’s tiny cock. He still wants to fuck my ass and I still won’t allow him. He knows it’s reserved for the black cocks and he supports me in it. I actually doubt whether he would be able to penetrate my asshole, after putting his cock in my significantly deep crack. And i will definitely miss the feeling of the balls slapping against my ass.

So after three weeks of no black, like all other good white woman who have been fucked by black men, I started craving the touch and cock of a black man. I discussed it with my husband and he was finally relieved to hear me talk about black men. He had thought that my time with Brian may have left me a bit bruised emotionally.

So now every weekend we are travelling 50 miles away from our place of residence in search of nice black men. We have been hitting the clubs. Our strategy is pretty simple; we go to a club together and look around at the people available. When we find someone we both like, (basically, I like and he agrees he likes too), he leaves the table. And I sit there hoping he would make a move. In most cases he does make the move and we talk, have a drink, dance and feel him nice. If I like him, I generally flirt, tease him a bit and that is all for now.  I still haven’t spread my legs yet for anyone but I think I have found one who will force me to spread it for him. I just hope he doesn’t make me wait too long. It hard to resist the idea of a sexy young black man forcing himself one you and spreading your legs wide, you resisting all while wishing he would come harder at you. 

Moving on to another black cock

26 Jul

It has been quite some time since i last posted and it has had something to do with Brian. I finally broke up with him. While it lasted, it was fun and filthy. But it seemed that things were changing for him.

He no longer wanted to throw me down on the bed, grab me by the hair and fuck me like a man. He would no longer hold my head tight and fuck my mouth until I gagged and still hold it until he came. His spanking no longer made that sharp sound and his breast play did not make my nipples as hard as it used to. And he completed destroyed anal sex by asking if it hurts.

My bare white flesh no longer seemed to bring out the animal instinct in him to take control of me in the manly way that I craved. I think he was developing a corner for me. All i wanted him was to treat my body as his vehicle of pleasure and domination. When he took me to restaurants, I wanted him to finger fuck me under the table, kiss me passionately in public, dance erotically with me in clubs. I wanted him to hold my head down and command me to raise my ass so that he could fuck it better. And to make me scream from pounding my pussy.

Someone must have taken his mojo. He seems to have started to “care” for me! I don’t need that from my black lover. All i wanted and needed from him was his manliness which my husband could not provide. If I wanted all the affection, why would I go for a niggers dick? My husband should have been sufficient.

It was sad it ended this. He still had a couple of months use to me. He was genuinely fun to be with towards the beginning. But alas, all good things must end and I am sorry it ended this way.

If you are a black man and reading this, please be assured that any sex-only relation with a white woman, is sex only. Adding emotions and stuff to that just kills it.

But well, everything has it uses and I had my fair use of him. For me he is now less useful that my husband dick in my ass and I may as well get rid of it.

Playing with a black cock

5 May

Some would say that giving a good blow job is an art, perfected by practice. I have been on this for the last 26 years ( from the age of 17) and been practicing for so long. Having played with cocks of many shades and sizes, it’s a different experience playing with a nice, thick, hard black cock, especially if it has a lovely big pair of balls with it (though i have rarely come across a nice cock that didn’t have nice balls).

I like the cocks that turned upwards or are straight but i like the hung ones best. I had always heard about men being hung but I never could relate to it until I had the first cock that was well, hung, that wouldn’t stand up straight but would hang a bit down. It is far more fun to play with a cock as it easier to lick, clean or plain take it deep down the throat.

My current bull Brian luckily has a hung cock and delicious veins on it, makes it so much more fun to play with. Except for the days when he just wants to throw me on the bed, bend me over the sofa or plain spread me out on the kitchen top, I love playing with his cock a lot more before letting him insert it into my holes.

I like doing a sexy little dance before getting down on my knees and wait for him to come over to me. I generally start by paying full attention to the lovely heavy balls, full of cum waiting to be spread on or inside of me- the exciting rush to licking it until it looks slick and shiny and the balls are tight in the sack, trying to outline the individual balls, putting them in the mouth.

By the time I am done with the balls, the cock is a lot more ready for some loving attention. I let one hand slide of the entire length of the cock, feeling the veins while i keep playing with the balls. The head, I guess is the most sensitive so I start by spitting a bit on the head and letting my soft white hands spread it all over the cock. Finally, when he ready to go inside my mouth, he usually signals by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling it backwards, making my face go up and instructing me to put his beautiful cock in my mouth.

Some days, he grabs my hair and does all the blowjob all my himself, my only job being then to be on my knees and let him have his way. On other days, I take my time as i clean it from top to bottom, making it slick and  shiny, my saliva sometimes hanging on it. When all of this play is done and I see the majestic cock shiny and slick, and my easy pussy throbbing and aching for a manly touch, I know its nature instructing me to do my duty as a woman and let the man have his way me, and open my holes to the whims of the black man’s cock

Keeping myself ready for my Bull

6 Mar

Those who have submitted to a black man would know that keeping them satisfied is a full time job, especially if you want him to keep you with him. You have to be available 24 hours for him – whenever he wants, you must be ready for him. This can be extremely demanding, especially is the man himself is of an exacting type. Being a part time working woman can only make things more difficult.

The whole thing starts with keeping my body in shape and ready and useful for him. You let your body go and it’s only time before he leaves. For a true submissive, there is nothing more humiliating that your Dom walking out on you or asking you to leave. The only thing perhaps more humiliating would be to admit to my parents of my current relationship with Brian ( My parents are extrememly conservative).

My day starts at 4:30 in morning with an 45 minute jog – a long sweaty jog. Back home, I am on a strict diet of very little carbs. My husband makes an effort to make sure we have very little useless carbs in the fridge. I have now lost quite a few pounds in two and a half months of this. That doesn’t mean I have or aim to go rickety. Both Brian and husband likes to have some meat on me. Anyday, I would rather have a nice round ass and full breasts that zero sized waist. Seriously, why would anyone even do that?

In the evening, back from work, it’s again a full hour of stretching and some more stretching. When I am finally done, I have a fully worked out, half aching body. And nothing pleases my eyes, so much as sliding out of my shower gown in front of my mirror, looking at my lovely hard worked and hard earned body.

They say exercising is not just for the body but also for mind, and it’s fully true. And  when Brian comes over, grabs me by my waist, pushes me on the bed( the sofa or whatever is closest) and gently slides his lovely, veiny black cock against my eager cunt and my husband lustily watching me, I feel that all of the hard work has finally paid off.

Would I submit to a black woman?

25 Jan

Hi readers,

While I am familiar with black men and have submitted to a few of them, I have often wondered whether I would submit to one? This has come up fairly recently when Brian took a black slave.

To say that i detested her would be an understatement. And the fact that He wanted me to serve her increased my disgust. However, I had no intention to disobey my Bull. I did what i had to do only out of concern for his instructions.

I don’t think I am a racist in general and while i do admire a few lovely black woman, I find the majority to be disgusting. Every time I would watch my bull mount her, I would feel a wave for pity for the wasted seed. I know it’s not jealousy because I have seen my Bull take other more gorgeous woman. But this woman is total waste of our time.

The only reason I don’t throw up when my bull asks me to lick her freshly fucked pussy is that i don’t want to disappoint him. Her breast were the last thing I would touch and that big looks stupid to say the least! Thankfully my husband shares my disgust of her and so do some of my other friends of black women in general, at least sexually.

I am not here to promote racism because i know in the long run it can only hurt people, but there is nothing I would like more that to watch that big black ass leaving us, so that i can rejoin my master, where i truly belong. And I would be willing to do to anything for that to happen, including licking her dirty black asshole away!

P.S: If you are a black woman and this post offended you, I am truly sorry. But I would be lying if I didn’t say the post truly reflects my thoughts.


A white woman’s guide to Black submission – part 2

8 Dec

It has been another week of wearing the chastity belt and it only feels better as time goes on. There are times when i am incredibly horny – that understandable how it has been almost two weeks without any hint of sex – but with the support of Michael I have managed to stay sane and healthy. He never forgets to remind me the possible rewards that await me in another two weeks.

So now that I have given an idea of whats happening, may be its time to state how it started.  Right after we met my would-be owner, we had a real tough time deciding whether we should call it off. We spend almost four weeks debating on the wisdom of letting a black man own me, body and mind. We weren’t sure how it would turn out, whether he might insist on impregnating me to mark me out, on whether the relation would turn ugly.

Fortunately for me, we had constant guidance from someone i was lucky to have in my life. I wasn’t always owned by black men. When i was around 27, I was briefly owned by a lovely and gorgeous white woman, whom I served with all my heart. It was a lovely relation that went on for about a year before out of the blue she asked me to end it. She asked me stop contacting her in form. I was hurt beyond words. In tears, I wrote her a long, long mail ( about twice the length of my average blog post) telling her about it all.

It was several months before i received a reply. She told how she had realized that wasn’t a Domme in her heart and she had submitted to a man and felt she was unworthy of owning me any more. When I poked her greatly in my reply mail, she finally admitted how she had agreed to wear the collar of a black man. I was surprised beyond words but finally accepted the reality. We became closer friends after she finally admitted everything and apologized for the abrupt end to the relationship.

During our times of indecision leading to my submission, we turned to her for guidance. She was only too glad to hear of it and during the entire four weeks she counselled and guided us through it. So when i finally kneeled infront of my master and gently licked his asshole to show my sign of submission, I knew i had a loving husband and a strong mentor to guide me through the tough times that may come ahead.

And now that I am here and happy, I like to encourage and help other women in similar circumstances navigate themselves, safely, happily and submissively.



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