A white woman’s guide to Black submission – part 1

1 Dec

It has already been one week for me now in the chastity belt and it wasn’t easy adjusting to it. But now, it is much better. The chastity belt feels more natural now and it doesn’t drag too much attention. And when it does irritate me, i try to think of the reason i am doing it for and am always comforted by it.

Brian called me up a few times to check on me and he is pleased with the progress i am making. Also Michael has been fully supportive of me even though I haven’t touched him sexually even once till now. So now that I have nothing exciting to write about, I thought about helping the other white women out there to get into this lifestyle.

In some of my visits to online forums and chat rooms, I have often found a distinct desire from some women to submit to black men. These women are strongly drawn to a Black man’s dark mysteries and their virility. Some others are drawn to the proverbial mystery of the saying “Once you go black, you never go back”. While this statement has turned out to be true for me for now, it doesn’t turn out that way for most other women. However, what is common across most of these women is the strong eroticism associated with the sharp contrast of the black man’s color and the white woman’s pale skin. I have found this to be a strong source of arousal in women and in me too! In fact if you search the internet you will find plenty of erotic images built on this color contrast.

Uncanny as it may sound, I think at some point of time, majority of women would have felt a very strong desire to be dominated by a Black man. These white women wear their Black masters collar with pride!

The other type of people who i find commonly interested in this lifestyle are husbands who would love to see their dear wives with a black man. Michael would be one of them. They love the fact the idea of their wives been with someone who can satisfy their wives sexually in ways they could not. They cherish the sight of their wives on their knees kneeling in front of the virile black man, his manly cock hanging right in front of her mouth.

Michael would belong to this set of men and I love him for being for open about it. I feel bad for all the other men who cannot fulfill suppressed desires like this. I understand that this can be a difficult topic for any man to bring up with his wife. But if you really want to enjoy this, talking is the only way forward.


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