A white woman’s guide to Black submission – part 2

8 Dec

It has been another week of wearing the chastity belt and it only feels better as time goes on. There are times when i am incredibly horny – that understandable how it has been almost two weeks without any hint of sex – but with the support of Michael I have managed to stay sane and healthy. He never forgets to remind me the possible rewards that await me in another two weeks.

So now that I have given an idea of whats happening, may be its time to state how it started. ┬áRight after we met my would-be owner, we had a real tough time deciding whether we should call it off. We spend almost four weeks debating on the wisdom of letting a black man own me, body and mind. We weren’t sure how it would turn out, whether he might insist on impregnating me to mark me out, on whether the relation would turn ugly.

Fortunately for me, we had constant guidance from someone i was lucky to have in my life. I wasn’t always owned by black men. When i was around 27, I was briefly owned by a lovely and gorgeous white woman, whom I served with all my heart. It was a lovely relation that went on for about a year before out of the blue she asked me to end it. She asked me stop contacting her in form. I was hurt beyond words. In tears, I wrote her a long, long mail ( about twice the length of my average blog post) telling her about it all.

It was several months before i received a reply. She told how she had realized that wasn’t a Domme in her heart and she had submitted to a man and felt she was unworthy of owning me any more. When I poked her greatly in my reply mail, she finally admitted how she had agreed to wear the collar of a black man. I was surprised beyond words but finally accepted the reality. We became closer friends after she finally admitted everything and apologized for the abrupt end to the relationship.

During our times of indecision leading to my submission, we turned to her for guidance. She was only too glad to hear of it and during the entire four weeks she counselled and guided us through it. So when i finally kneeled infront of my master and gently licked his asshole to show my sign of submission, I knew i had a loving husband and a strong mentor to guide me through the tough times that may come ahead.

And now that I am here and happy, I like to encourage and help other women in similar circumstances navigate themselves, safely, happily and submissively.


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